The history of means of payment fits into one sentence: from barter to Cryptocurrency. Whichever way you buy and sell goods, you’re interested in keeping abreast of new technologies and learning how to relate to money in the 21st century style. You’ve probably heard of Bitcoin or Petro, but you’re not sure what they are and how Cryptocurrency works. Well, you’re in luck, we have a guide for you.

Cryptocurrencies are virtual currencies that rely on cryptography (security encryption) to certify transfers or payments for goods and services. They are an alternative type of currency that only exists on the Internet and whose storage is digital.

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A digital currency

In practice owning 1 BTC is basically hold a Digital Wallet with that quantity of currency (similar with traditional Online Banking).

Cryptocurrencies can be bought and sold with Fiat currencies like EURO, USD, etc.

They are very few steps and they are very simple.

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Once you’re in, you’ll get an account like it is:

DameCoins features

Diamond level encryption: The whole DameCoins ecosystem is SSL encrypted. All your transactions are protected. We never save your card details or any other payment info. Feel safe.

Instant Buy and Sell:  Avoid several-day-long waiting bank transactions. On DameCoins you can instantly buy Crypto using your credit / debit card.

Wallet: To view your Portfolio, simply log in to DameCoins. You can see how many Cryptocurrencies you have and withdraw them to your bank account instantly.

Pay in your local currency: avoid exchange fees

In DameCoins we support up to 30 currencies so you can pay using your local currency and avoid any currency conversion fees.

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